Beginner Freediving Course

The beginner course is a great way to introduce yourself to freediving. There is no previous knowledge or experience needed, the only requirement is to be able to swim.

We offer beginner courses with SSI (Level 1) freediving agency. During the beginner course you will learn the most important basics such as:

  • what changes happen in your body once you start holding your breath,
  • how to keep calm and enjoy the breathhold,
  • how to do a proper duck dive,
  • proper finning technique and,
  • freediving equalization technique.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to freedive comfortably to the depth of 10 m and hold your breath for more than 2 minutes!

2 days
10 to 20 m
The course includes 2 theory and 2 open water sessions
Beginner Freediving Course
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