About Freedive Experience

We’re a team of experienced freediving professionals offering freediving courses, underwater photo sessions, coaching and excursions for beginners and advanced freedivers alike.

With the help of a world class freediver as your instructor, a charming assistant and a professional photographer you’re guaranteed to have a memorable freediving experience while staying in Croatia! For more details check our offers and locations and be ready for an adventure!

Our Team

Boris Milosic

Boris Milosic
Freedive Instructor

Despite his young age, our instructor Boris Milosic has a lot of experience and achievements under his belt.

Since the beginning of his freediving career, which started by the age of 14, he has reached several major milestones, like reaching 100m of depth, over 250m of dynamic distance, setting one AIDA and one Guinness World Record.

Besides his achievements as a competitive freediver, he enjoys working with students as an instructor and a professional freediving coach.

Julia Lygus

Julia Lygus
Freedive Assistant

Our charming assistant Julia Lygus' freediving journey started just two years ago, but over that time, she has gathered quite a lot of experience, working on her skills and expanding her knowledge by attending several competitions and assisting in a number of freediving courses. She’s always there to lend a helping hand!

Lana Zapp

Lana Zapp
Freedive Photographer

Lana is a freedive professional and freediving underwater photographer with over 5 years of experience. She honed her freediving and photography skills in South East Asia and Dahab, the mecca of freediving. Lana joined Freedive Experience as an underwater photographer and an assistant instructor to bring her artistic touch and coaching skills.

All photographs taken by Lana are taken on one breath while freediving. Lana uses natural light only. Her shooting style is simple and clean showcasing colors maximally close to those our eye sees underwater. She is skilled in capturing spontaneous moments and staged setups alike.

Our Location

Working together with several Diving Centers enables us to expand our offer beyond the city of Split, where we are based. That’s why, you can choose between the following locations: Split, Hvar, Brac, Trogir, Omis and Rogoznica!

Croatia Freedive Locations
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